• Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX, and Daniel Garcia, Product Manager of Bus4.me, present bus4me, the new demand-sensitive transport technology solution, to Los Angeles.
  • Thanks to ACCIÓ, the Agency for the Competitiveness of Enterprise, they will participate in the ITS World Congress 2022, the world’s leading intelligent transport event.

Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX, and Daniel Garcia, Product Manager of bus4.me, are travelling to Los Angeles to present bus4.me, thanks to ACCIÓ, the Agency for the Competitiveness of Enterprise. They will participate in the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) World Congress in Los Angeles, the largest event focused on intelligent mobility and digitisation of transport.

bus4.me is a technological solution designed to facilitate the implementation and management of the innovative on-demand transport service. It aims to offer operators, administrations, companies and industrial estates a new way of moving around efficiently, comfortably, safely and sustainably.

At the congress, which will be held from 18 to 22 September, Carme Pros and Daniel Garcia will present the bus4.me project to different companies, operators and administrations around the world that may be interested in implementing this new on-demand transport system. They will also work with potential partners and local customers, municipalities and governments to implement this technological solution.

During the congress, Carme Pros and Daniel Garcia will be present at the ACCIÓ stand and will participate in different activities with key players in the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) field from the United States and Canada. They will also visit companies and technology centres in the sector, hold B2B meetings and take part in the Meet Catalan Technologies networking event

bus4.me has already been successfully implemented in Catalonia. It is currently used on Clic.cat lines of the Generalitat de Catalunya and is trusted by leading companies in the mobility sector in Catalonia, such as TGO DX and MasatsTG DX, which already use it to manage transport services on demand.

More information about bus4.me

bus4.me is an ideal system to open new business avenues, with lines focused on improving collective mobility in areas with low population density. The on-demand transport service adapts daily to real mobility needs. It allows the creation of bus lines with established routes and timetables, but which only run if someone books the service in advance, through a website or an application. The route is modified according to travel bookings. If there are no bookings at certain stops, the route is shortened. With bus4.me, there is less congestion at peak times, air and noise pollution is reduced and travel comfort is improved.