bus4.me: the tool to manage your own transport on demand


Integral solution

The service operator can provide the transport service on demand from the very beginning with a bus4.me license and without hardware investment.


With a single bus4.me license you will be able to manage several lines of on-demand transportation services.

Unlimited users

A single bus4.me license allows an unlimited number of users to make use of the software. At the same time, it also allows management from an unlimited number of devices.


The entire bus4.me environment can be adapted, extended and configured to provide the best solution for the particularities of each company.

Payment gateway

bus4.me can be configured both with and without payment gateway: the bus user can find the option to pay for the booked trip or simply book it.

Our software

Booking platforms

Web platform and a mobile application 100% adaptable and customizable to the corporate image of the company. The user will be able to manage, administer, book and pay for their trips. Available for Android and iOS.


Drivers have access to updated information about the route and the users who have requested the service. Through this system, they also scan the QR codes of the reservations.

management system

bus4.me includes an elaborate management system that allows to know in real time from any computer all the information related to user requests and ticket purchases, among others.

Routes 100% adapted to the needs of each moment

bus4.me allows companies, industrial parks, operators and administrations to offer a sustainable, agile and comfortable transportation option that is 100% adapted to everyday needs, reducing economic costs and environmental impact.

My pocket

With bus4.me’s customized application and web platform, bus4.me users can manage, book and pay for their trips. They can also monitor how many trips they have left and receive notifications about their trips wherever they are.

Real-time monitoring of service usage

Thanks to an intuitive and visual on-board system, drivers can find all the updated information about the route and the users who have requested the service.

Contactless system through QR codes

Instead of using paper, when the ticket is purchased, bus4.me generates a QR code. It improves the user experience, guarantees health security in Covid-19 time and promotes sustainable mobility by avoiding the use of paper and the generation of waste.

A successful system

bus4.me is already a successful solution. It is currently used in Clic.cat lines of the Generalitat de Catalunya and has the confidence of reference companies in the mobility sector in Catalonia as TGO DX or MasatsTG DX, which already apply it to manage the transport service on demand.

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