Carme Pros, CEO of GrupTG DX, and Daniel Garcia, Product Manager of, have traveled to Lisbon where they have participated in the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) European Congress of Lisbon, held at the Congress Center of the same city, the largest event focused on intelligent mobility and digitization of transport.

At the congress, which will be held from May 22 to 24, Carme Pros and Daniel Garcia i Tarrazona will present the project to different companies, operators and administrations from all over Europe that may be interested in implementing this new on-demand transport system.

More information about is an ideal system to open new business avenues, with lines focused on improving collective mobility in areas with low population density. The on-demand transport service adapts daily to real mobility needs. It allows the creation of bus lines with established routes and schedules, but which only run if someone books the service in advance, through a website or an application. The route is modified according to trip reservations. If there are no reservations at some stops, the route is shortened. With, there is less congestion at peak hours, air and noise pollution is reduced and travel comfort is improved.